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I spent most of my life as an atmospheric physicist, specializing in environmental issues. Living in Hawai’i has provided me with a new perspective and has ignited my passion for the earth’s beauty and its inhabitants. The history of Hawai'i is embedded in the historic buildings and places. It is my intent to document in my fashion these buildings and places. I intend my pictures to provoke emotional connections that inspire as well as give comfort.

Originally, I intended to focus on photographs, and in particular retouched and enhanced photos "rolling back" the clock on many of Hawai'i's old historic buildings. I still do that, but I've discovered that I can do more. I have two books about Hawai'i out now on Amazon, and will release a third soon.

I currently have an illustrated book about Hawai'i's 19th century missionary churches--On This Rock I Will Build My Church. Christian missionaries played an important part in Hawaiian history. Most of the missionary churches are still in use and look very much as they did when built a century and a half ago; like transplanted New England churches built of local materials.

I also have an illustrated book about moving to Hawai'i, based on our experiences.--Welcome to Paradise; Moving to Hawa'i Made Easy (sort of). It's not entirely like I imagined.  If you are thinking about that, or wondering what living in Hawai'i is like, This is just the thing for you.

Hawai'i is home to sacred places from multiple traditions; Native Hawaiian, Christian, Buddhist....  My newest book is an illustrated, guided tour to several important sacred places. Watch for it in August. 
In the meantime, I have uploaded several of my favorite images onto the portfolio page for your enjoyment. Each has a story, which I will tell as time passes. 

Images by Sam
Waikoloa, HI